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Writing a Novel

When I was younger, I would often daydream and imagine stories (as children are wont to do), but I never wrote down any of my tales.  In the sixth grade, I devised a plan to become the youngest published author and sat down to write a novel which wound up ending at Chapter 3. I believe a lack of motivation and originality was to blame; I was basing my book off of the Harry Potter series, but it ultimately resembled Harry Potter so much, I was certain no one would want to read it.

This summer, I feel inspired to embark on the ambitious quest of writing a fiction novel again, and this time, I am attempting to do it right.  That is, I believe I have an original idea, I have been outlining and planning, and I have researched the Hero’s Journey and Jung’s archetypes as well as advice from published authors.  The goal at this point is to get a draft out; publishing is not in the near future, if at all.  Nevertheless, I would still appreciate any advice on writing a book, or even just staying motivated to keep going.  I will post updates on the ups and downs of the writing process, so please keep checking back!


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4 thoughts on “Writing a Novel

  1. Write at least two pages a day–DON’T go back and edit while you’re writing, or you’ll never finish–and just get the whole monster done before rereading or worrying about it.

    • Thank you for the advice! I think that’s going to be the toughest part – to not be critical of my writing as I go along and to stop myself from continuously editing it.

  2. All the best with your book!

    I wanted to be the youngest writer once before, but it never worked out either. LOL!

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