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Starting Anew…

There’s an interesting feeling that comes with starting something new: a mixture of excitement, apprehension, and terror that can become an obstacle or a catalyst for success.  I’ll be starting my second year in college, which strikes me as crazy considering I haven’t even fully registered that I’m even in college yet.  But the start of a new (school) year brings with it a renewed vigor for starting new projects, a promise to finish old projects, and to simply do better than the previous year.  I’ve stuffed my binders with paper and bought myself a shiny new planner.  And I’ve got my umbrella, because it will be raining tomorrow.  (A great way to start class, right?  Definitely a good omen.)

I’m looking forward to my new courses, professors, and clubs.  I’ve promised myself to become more actively engaged in the classroom, asking questions and making–hopefully–insightful observations instead of doodling in my notebook or daydreaming….

What excites you about a new year or new opportunities?

P.S. I’m learning so much about fiction writing and haven’t given up on finishing my current work-in-progress.  It’ll be much more difficult to find time now that college has started up again, but I’m definitely going to try.  More updates on the writing process soon!


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