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A Writer’s Support System

First of all, I apologize for not posting in a while.  College has been busy… and I couldn’t think of any good ideas for posts.

As I scroll through my manuscript, I sometimes cringe at my words.  I doubt myself, and I wonder if I’ll ever finish my work in progress.  I go through highs and lows in motivation–on some days, some hours, I feel like I can write forever; in others, I feel like I’ll never write again.

Until I find critique partners or a critique group, I am depending on a number of writers’ blogs to give me advice and encourage me to keep writing.  I will be participating in a challenge to write 100 words for 100 days, which will ensure that I have 10,000 additional words on my manuscript by Christmastime.  And, hopefully, I’ll have the willpower to participate in National Novel Writing Month this November.  I attended my first WriteOnCon last month and learned so, so much.  I believe that challenges and opportunities such as these will push me to add words to my manuscript.

Here are some of the blogs I visit regularly:

1. Go Teen Writers

2. Teens Can Write, Too

3. Miss Snark’s First Victim

4. The Lucky 13s

Ultimately, I’ve decided I want to write a novel as a personal challenge and although the going may be slow, I will strive to achieve this goal before I graduate from college.

What comprises your support system?  Any suggestions for additions to mine?


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