The Ebony Quill

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My Writing

This page is long overdue.  Currently, I have only one work in progress, but I will add to this page as my writing portfolio develops.

1. Current WIP: THE SHADOW THIEF:  Arianna is a member of the Commoners’ Thieves, a group that steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor.  But when the cruel and corrupt Lord Farlow destroys the Thieves and enlists Arianna as his personal spy and thief, she swears revenge.  Caught in a web of lies and inadvertently involved in a covert resistance movement, Arianna uncovers secrets behind Farlow’s power and his plans.  At the same time, a latent power grows inside her without her knowledge and she tries to sort out confused feelings for a boy she thought was just a friend.  Failure to win the dangerous game of treachery could destroy the city… and could cost Arianna her life.


Tell me what you think!

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