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Holiday Break…. Finally

I know.  I know it’s been a month, and I have been smacking my head on a weekly basis, realizing and re-realizing how much time has passed since I have posted.  But.  But.  But it’s finally winter break!  I have one (ish) glorious month off from college, which means a few weeks to read, write, and cogitate about my life.  I checked out some great books from the library–perfect for relaxation.

I had a bit of a panic attack around Thanksgiving when I read Throne of Glass and realizing how far from that level my WIP was.  While Shadow and Bone inspired me, Throne of Glass simply made me feel insecure in my writing abilities.  My wonderful critique partners have told me that my writing is strong, but it’s the story that I’m worried about; is it dramatic enough?  Exciting enough?  Different enough?

I toyed with the idea of changing it completely, or maybe even starting afresh.  However, today I decided that I will finish the WIP, simply because I want to–no, I need to–finish my first book.  It’s necessary for me to realize that I can finish a full-length novel, even if it ends up being shelved.

And so, tonight I will begin writing again with a fervor, if for no other reason than to finish.  Wish me luck!


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